Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pursuing worth rather than pursuing you Creator: who are you after?Let's talk.

It's time? Time for what?
Time to let the kitten out of the bag!
Many of you are aware that I am into pursuing my Lord and Savior, correct? I just found out today that I need to DEEPLY pursue him with ALL of my mind, body, soul, heart and strength! 
Today was the day I sat in my van at work and cried like a baby because my exboyfriend pursued me and according to his standards, being friends wasn't enough. He wanted MORE! I however did not!
Jesus loves us and follows us to pursue us because he LOVES us! Not to hurt us or get mad at us. 
So, my whole story is how do I fully pursue Him rather than any man until I die? 
Simple. I read God's word constantly and pray more then I need to. 
Lust comes from the Evil One, not from God!
I pray this convicted you of pursuing after other lovers rather than the original Lover of you soul. 

Take care and God bless.


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