Thursday, February 16, 2017

What Amazes Me About Death in the Family

What comes with losing someone you love? Depression, emotions spent the wrong way and even worse possible suicidal thoughts and if you are not careful, action leading to death. 

In my idea, suicide is not applicable to me or in my honest opinion to anyone. The blog post I will mention below should help you reverse the actual thoughts and possible actions.

Psalm 145:14-15 says that God will help those who want to commit this act. He is always there for us ladies and gentlemen. 

Jesus loves you so much that he even promises long life on the earth he says in Exodus and other books of the bible. 

Lord Jesus I plead your precious blood over the whole generation who may or may not be having these evil thoughts. I pray Lord God that you would regard them as precious and be in their hearts; maybe for the first time. Lord, please don’t let this entire generation die at a young or old age earlier then you should and are scheduled to call them home. Bless each and every person who may be reading these blogs regardless of their negative ideas that Satan might bring. I thank you Lord Jesus for anyone who reads this posts daily and please bless each one that does so. Thank you Lord. In Jesus name. Amen. 


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