Saturday, February 11, 2017

Surrendering to God Almighty is Everything Under the Son

Have you ever felt so badly hurt that you felt like you could not speak or talk to anyone after someone falsely accused you of something?

This can happen at home or at school or worse even at church. Not all of God's people follow His Ways!

When life throws you a lot of curve balls, you need to learn to deal with it the hard way and that is Jesus' way through the cross. He dealt with it when he took his final breath and now you can take it to him. 
Please know that we are not perfect, nobody is. Except Jesus.

Let me explain something to you about lying: lying gets you NOWHERE in life! Read this bible passage and see if I am right:

I want to remind you of something important: the link I just gave you is a song that will help make your day better because he is watching over us! 

I hope and pray that you are enlightened by my post! 

Love, in the Lord,
Tatiana Grubb 

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