Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Reality of Discipline: How the Father of all gods disciplines us when we do not obey Him

I strongly believe the Lord is healing me but not in the way my family would want.
What I am talking about is just yesterday, I had a DEEP encounter with Jesus. Here is how it started: It started with a single headache which turned into a migraine which was apparently a big one. I tried to fill the ache and pain with water then chocolate which never worked.
Finally, the Lord told me to play Have Your Way by Britt Nicole:
It worked about ten times over and the Lord is slowly healing me.
Here's the deal: It was not food, as everyone around thought I was hungry, that created the headache. It was the fact that I would REFUSE to let go of some serious problems, spiritually, that were hindering my walk with this sweet Man of mine: Jesus.

Lesson: When God tells you so many years back to fully surrender your affections and past, DO IT!  Otherwise you will end up like me: massive migraine feeling like you are sick about to throw up. That was the exact stage I was in BEFORE I played the song Have Your Way by Britt Nicole ten times and it WORKED!

Well, I hope and pray this teaches you a lesson in humility and humble surrender because the body, mind and spirit are CONNECTED and if you do not do something when he calls you to surrender, you will eventually wind up: DEAD!

Jesus also told me while holding me tighter than I could ever squeeze someone when hugging them, "I will not let you go EVEN  if you surrender your all to me, Tatiana! I love you!"

I realize that he will never let us go because he will hold onto us FOREVER until we see him face to face in heaven.

Invitation to salvation through three posts:

Hope you are fully healed and Restored completely in Jesus name.


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