Saturday, March 25, 2017

Slanderous Presidency? Absolutely No! Let's Face our career as a Nation in Christ

Do you agree or disagree when I say that even though Trump is not a great president of the United States he has done his "level best." Best in what you may ask.

Read the post for yourself and see if you think that Trump should be excused from office!

To be complete honest, I am NOT happy with the number of people who shatter my world and our country through deep negative talk and social media SLANDER!  Just because someone became president that you don't want in the White House,, does NOT mean you can HURT friends and family who are Trump supporters.

It BREAKS my heart and spirit that Americans are slanderous regarding the new president.

Nothing more needs to be said, just be EXTRA careful who you slander.

Proverbs 18:21 Our words can be poison or fruit our choice!

Rest assured forgiveness is on the horizon for those who have gone astray.

Take care.


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