Saturday, August 26, 2017

Writing a Psalm even though there are more than enough in the bible

How many of you have written a psalm out of an experience you had? I have! Here is an example:

Psalm 160 (A psalm of Tatiana, when she is learning and teaching herself to constantly open and read God's word. A song.)
Lord, who and what do I love more than you? Nobody but you because you are my first Love-the Lover of my soul!
Peel me open and totally expose within me what is causing me to pull away from your word which is holy.
Cause me to grow more and more in love with your word and prune the soil of my heart and clean me out! Clean out the clutter and replace it with your love.
Teach me your laws and cause me not to fall when I stumble, hold my hand steadily.

Writing is such a wonderful outlet for me-how about your psalm? Share below!


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