Thursday, August 3, 2017

Appointment after appointment after I am trying to get skinny again?

Worrying about an appointment is getting you nowhere.
Hi, it's Tatiana Grubb,
I am on a diet and am not doing so well.
For example, yesterday, I had a hamburger from McDonald's and I blew it! 
But I am not giving up! 
Today, I made healthy choices, like, a banana for a snack after coming home from work. I also had a sandwich and yogurt with a tamale, oops! 

Take away the tamale, and you have a healthy day, so far...

You know what? Stop the worrying about your weight and your appointment and you will be fine. Why?

Because God is in control! God Almighty can help you loose weight if you meditated on his word, daily!


Lastly, your body, mind and spirit are connected and nothing can separate you from that!

Want to bear fruit in the Spirit? Don't try harder, trust harder! 


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