Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Credit or Debit? You ask me? Let God tell you the truth behind your money spending

Have you ever been in trouble with the bank or the law? I have!

Lately, even though it's not illegal, I have been buying these Visa Gift Cards which are non-reloadable with cash I receive from income.

But they are not associated with any type of bank. So don't panic.

The Lord has shown me and my wallet, how to avoid spending so much of my cash that he has allowed me access to these cards.

Why am I sharing this with you?

It's because you and I need to know and understand that lies from the enemy come from all sorts of sources. The devil is a LIAR!

So what we need to do is dive DEEP into scripture and fish out what God wants us to hear. Read it DAILY like I am doing. But for me, it is not enough!

So, the next time Satan tries to roll over you with something you did that seems wrong to him but correct to God, tell him scripture!!

Yes, be constantly in the word of God and you will not just survive but thrive.


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